October 02, 2007

Where Did the Dogs Go?

I cannot stop thinking of this incident, and I admit that the presence of the dogs has much to do with that.

A week ago a retired Air Force officer who unfortunately suffers from early-onset Alzheimer's disease vanished in western Fremont County.

Gary Lorenz of Cotopaxi was reported missing by his family last Monday afternoon after he left the family home on an all-terrain vehicle to check on horses.

The ATV was found wrecked at the bottom of a slope between his home and the horse pasture. He is missing. And his two golden retrievers, Merry and Pippin, who were tagging along, are also missing.

At first searchers put a positive spin on that fact: The dogs, they said, were staying with him and keeping him warm at night.

But now a week has passed, and there have been no Lassie-style heroics. The dogs have not come home to lead the searchers to Lorenz or to his remains. You cannot always count on dogs.

No one has found either man or dogs. Have the dogs scavenged his body? All very strange, sad, creepy.


Anonymous said...

Please out of respect for Gary's family remove this post. You have updated a post to include his body was found and his dogs were loyal for weeks on end guarding him. Parts of this post are offensive and disprectful.

Chas S. Clifton said...

The blog post represents my thinking at the time. That is what a blog does.

All though the time that Col. Lorenz was missing, I found the whole story to be compelling. And the dogs' part in it complicated the situation. I wondered about them about as much as I thought about him.

But, meanwhile, isn't it funny that someone can write in anonymously and demand that I do what they say?