August 13, 2008

Bigfoot Found in Georgia?

You should understand that late summer is often referred to as "the silly season" by journalists, a time when items not otherwise noteworthy get big play. I am not referring to the war in Georgia, however.

This is about the other Georgia, the American state. It seems someone claims to have found the physical remains of Bigfoot there.

More at the Bigfoot hunters' site.

But remember that this is the "silly season."

UPDATE: Or it's a hoax.

FURTHER UPDATE: The Bigfoot hunters' web site has been down all day, the 14th. I think that we definitely are in the silly season.

YET FURTHER UPDATE: Hoaxers take money and run.


Anonymous said...

The Montauk Monster, then Chupacabra, now Bigfoot? What's next, aliens? Loch ness Monster? Bigfoot Special Report

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

You can find read headed guys 7 feet tall, 500 pounds, and size sixteen shoes, who don't pay any attention to body hair control in most metropolitan big and tall stores. A guy of similar scale from China was recently on the news.

Since gigantism is often a product of insufficient endocrine speciality health care as a result of being uninsured, and giagantism is also often a grounds for premature death, the possibility of the premature death of a loner hillbilly seems a likely alternative if the body itself isn't fake.

Of course, DNA evidence could establish non-human genes. The question then is age. If the DNA evidence does exist, my guess is that it would be very old -- tens of thousands of years old or older.

Northern Georgia doesn't have frozen wastes to preserve the dead body of a Neanderthal or Homo Erectus, but it does have oxygen deprived swamps that recent Georgia droughts could cause to subside revealing their treasures.

Chas S. Clifton said...

Of course! Anyone from Georgia must be a hillbilly.

Your anti-rural bigotry is showing again, Andrew.