August 23, 2008

Wind Tower Plant for Pueblo

The economic-development crew in Pueblo is happy to have landed the Vestas wind-tower plant. (Warning: link contains self-back-patting and ethnic pandering.)

Let's hope no Pueblo-built towers collapse like this earlier Vesta model did last February.

UPDATE: Corrected headline to clarify that the Pueblo plant will build the towers, not the entire mechanism.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I work for and we sell and service small and nid-size wind energy products for residential and school wind projects. The Vestas turbine that blew up was a 10 year old turbine. It had a failure in the speed control braking system. Vestas has had a few of those 600kW turbines fail lately with similar problems. Small home sized turbines don't have problems like that and are really doing well making power for homeowners and farmers who have put them in. The small wind turbines we sell are from 5 to 50ft towers and blades about 6ft long. The systems cost about as much as a car and make enough power to pay themselves off in about 7 years. Most turbines will last about 30 years before needing a rebuild.
Small Wind Generators