August 22, 2008

Blog Stew with Mushrooms

• Apparently, I have stumbled on a photographic cliché: when you post mushroom pictures, such as this one from 2006, you should always include the field guide!

• Another group of mushroom hunters gets lost in the Wet Mountains. (M. is cheering for the 92-year-old man, lost or not.)

Several years ago I heard a member of Custer County Search & Rescue say that mushroom hunters were the group of outdoor users most likely to get lost. She based this statement on exactly one (1) anecdote. Now she has two. It's a trend.

• Nevertheless, it was mushroom hunting that pushed me to invest in a GPS unit -- one of Garmin's cheapest. I am still ambivalent about it, and I have a whole GPS post half-written in my head.

• This is from five years ago, but apparently Russian mushroom hunters get lost too. Eleven are still unaccounted for, the article says. Not like this, I hope.

• And mushrooms are kosher, not that that fact matters at all to us.


mdmnm said...

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the GPS, Chas. I've got a hand-me-down but haven't learned to use it or carried it yet.

Anonymous said...

Chas, I use a GPS a lot, both backpacking and hunting and also doing Geocaches with our girls. I was slow to start with one, but once I got going it's been a great compliment to the rest of my outdoor skills. I do, however, still carry my venerable Brunton 54LU compass all the time. Good things about a batteries to go dead...and that needle always points north. With both, you have to know how to use them.