October 28, 2008

Topographic Maps the Way You Want Them

You can now order customized topographic maps (so that your favorite mountain, etc., is dead center) and benefit the excellent conservation group Backcountry Hunter and Anglers.

Just go here and click the graphic link at the bottom of the page for My Topo.

Then poke around the rest of the BHA website and if the description fits you, join up!


Peculiar said...

Folks may also find TopoQuest (http://www.topoquest.com/) and ACME Mapper (http://mapper.acme.com/) to be handy resources. I especially like that TopoQuest allows you to download full size TIFF files of most lower 48 quads for free. But that's for research at home. For a map to take into the field, follow Chas' link!

Anonymous said...

This is great! Seems like - if the place I want to find isn't at the border of two maps - it's at the intersection of four of them.

Wish they'd had this eons ago when I worked as a field geologist.