December 23, 2008

Blog Stew with Graupel

• We drove home from Florence today in graupel. M., who grew up in the Hudson Valley, says she never saw it before she arrived in Colorado on a November day. It's falling right now on a sun crust, with actual snow forecast for this afternoon and tonight.

• Bill Schneider rips into TV hunting shows. I don't have cable (not available here) nor satellite TV, so I don't see these, but from my outdoor-writer days I am aware of the pressure to "get the story" or to impose a narrative on what is an unpredictable hunting or fishing experience -- and the abuses and falsification that can result.

Mungo assembles a list of bushcraft and nature blogs, including 18th-century trekking and Dynamite Skills, which is not about explosives.

• Sawtooth goes hunting and muses on being more "crunchy" than "bubba."

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