December 16, 2008

Profile of a Division of Wildlife Officer

The Cañon City Daily Record profiles district wildlife manager Bob Carochi.

On poachers:

“At least 95 percent of the folks I deal with are good people to be around,” Carochi said. “But there definitely is a fair share of poaching active in the county. That’s the biggest law enforcement part of the job. There are folks who make an honest mistake, then there are guys who do stuff deliberately, see if they can get away with it.”

On the job's requirements:

Instead of falling into spring, summer, autumn and winter, his seasons divide into antelope, elk, deer and bear. Never one to punch the clock, Carochi works long hours and even longer days — sometimes, chalking up more than 300 hours in a single month. He also works many holidays.

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Anonymous said...

Bob's a friend of mine, and a good man. We're lucky to have him. BTW, Chas, I called him today and confirmed that Mr. Longears is where I thought he was. We're in business.