December 18, 2008

Daydreaming of the UAZ 469

Sometimes when I am bouncing over the snowy ruts of our road in my rattletrap Jeep CJ-5, wind tearing at its soft top, I think, "I need a really butch 4x4. This one's too comfortable!"

You can still get parts for an M-37. That might fit the bill.

Or what about a UAZ 469? Yeah, Russki iron!

Note the passenger's hold on his door. Does the UAZ 469 lack a Jesus bar, and is that because the USSR was an officially atheistic nation?


Anonymous said...

LOL! Ah Chas, look up Tatras!

Or, for something really butch... and phallic,... the Zil

Chas S. Clifton said...


If I wanted the first, I would buy a Unimog and have access to parts! But I could not turn it around in my driveway.

As for Zils, I associate them more with trucks and sedans for the Soviet elite.

It has to fit into the "daily driver" category yet have 4wd.