December 28, 2008

NYT: Home Coal-Burning on the Increase

Sign in Florence, Colorado.Here in southern Colorado, we don't need the New York Times to tell us that people burn coal at home -- it's always been that way.

This is historically a coal-mining area. When M. and first moved to South Cañon (the "wrong side of the tracks" in Cañon City) back in the 1980s, the acrid smell of coal smoke hung in the air on winter evenings. We ourselves burned a lot of cottonwood, which smells like cow shit--but it was free.

In nearby Florence, you can buy coal from Wensday through Sunday, and maybe Tuseday too by special appointment.

(If you burn wood, you can call it "biomass," which sounds better.)


Anonymous said...

Being the writer you are, I'm surprised you didn't call them up and tell them how to correctly spell Wednesday!

Chas S. Clifton said...

What, and spoil a classic example of the Florence vernacular?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Yes, better to leave well enough alone! If they fixed the sign (yeah, right), then your chance for a good laugh every once in a while would be gone. We all need to preserve those as best we can!