December 01, 2008

Cheap Gear: Swiss Fleece Sleeping Bag

I recently bought one of these ex-Swiss Army fleece sleeping bags to use as a liner in my car-camping sleeping bag, which itself is ex-Forest Service and cost under $20.

For $5.97, how can you go wrong?

It would be good for napping in a cool house or for keeping in the vehicle in case of an unexpected sleep event.

I don't think you could buy the fabric this cheap at a store, as long as you like a sort of purplish-blue.

(This post hereby begins a new blog category, cheap gear.)


mdmnm said...

Good new category!

I have a fleece liner for my heavy mummy bag that I like quite a lot, not just for warmth but for the layer I can take out and wash at the end of a trip. Unfortunately, it wasn't six bucks.

Chas S. Clifton said...

I previously used an ex-GI cotton bag liner, but this one will add more warmth.

Maybe the cotton liner can go in my down bag -- as you say, it keeps the main bag cleaner.

Anonymous said...