January 18, 2011

Eagle Days are Coming

This year's Eagle Days festival at Pueblo Reservoir will be February 5-6.

Even if the "festival" part scares you off, it is often possible to spot bald eagles (and plenty of other raptors) around the lake at this time of year.

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SRM said...

Hi Chas, I'm back in Colorado and have posted some very nice photos of a Bald Eagle I spotted yesterday in Bighorn Sheep Canyon (west of Canon City) on my Birds And Nature blog. Eagle Days at Pueblo Reservoir is a great opportunity for folks to see the Bald Eagles that move down from northern areas to take advantage of our open water where they can fish.

Thanks for that post you did about me and my conservation efforts. I loved the title 'SeEtta versus the Water Buffaloes'. I do find new birds in Fremont County (tho not Golden-fronted Woodpeckers) including first Black Phoebe and wintering Williamson's Sapsucker.