January 02, 2011

Eating Invasive Species

In some quarters (such as certain large, metropolitan newspapers), the whole "locavore" concept has cast hunting in a new, more favorable light. Not just for knuckle-draggers anymore, in other words.

Combine that with a concern about ecosystems and invasive species, and you have "eating invasive species."

Now if only some high-profile chef would laud the culinary wonderfulness of grilling with tamarisk, like the "mesquite-grilled" craze of a few years back.


Heather Houlahan said...

I cannot figure why no one is commercially catching and making fishmeal out of Asian carp.

The reason you are seeing eggs marketed "from vegetarian hens" is because fishmeal is now bloody expensive. I'd happily buy Mississippi basin carpmeal for the chooks, and frozen carp for the dogs.

Midwest Chick said...

I'm of the mind that if they came out with a study showing that kudzu was the ultimate anti-oxidant weight loss miracle, there would be no more kudzu in the South.