August 12, 2011

How to Fail at Hiding Out in the Mountains

Lee Grace Dougherty, failed camper (Associated Press).
Southern Colorado media are full of the capture of the "Dougherty Gang," also known as the stripper, her brother Darryl, and her other brother Darryl. Evidently they thought, like countless criminals before them, that they could out-run radio, the Internet, and cable TV news shows.

Their mother says, "I'm glad they were found," as though they got lost on a Boy Scout hike. But isn't that always part of the script?

Life in Walsenburg, Colo.,  was considerably disrupted yesterday.

Back from our supply run to Pueblo today, M. and I ate supper as the sun sat over Holt Mountain and chuckled at such lines as "the remote San Isabel National Forest in southern Colorado" from the Boston Herald

They camped one night in a pullout off a paved state highway. Not what I call "remote". Not more than two miles away, a road gave access into the heart of the Wet Mountains with many obscure little spur roads off it. But when they were shopping for camping gear and ammo in Colorado Springs and/or Cañon City, they evidently did not pick up national forest maps.

Then they drove down onto Interstate 25 and into their eventual fate. One night in the woods and their nerves failed them?

I tell you, it's sad. No one knows how to hide out in the mountains anymore.


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

She seems to be taking her forthcoming incarceration in good spirits.

Chas S. Clifton said...

SBW: Also in good spirits for someone who was shot in the leg during her capture. Maybe she got some good painkillers.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

It certainly looks that way, I looked her up to find out a bit more about the case, and after looking at her Flickr page and wondered how an interview would go....

LGD: 'I'm 28 but act like I'm 17 most of the time.'
SBW: So far so good (for friday nights anyway)
LGD: 'I love to farm'
SBW: Sweet ah bless
LGD: 'and shoot guys'
SBW: Now she's buying it back, this is not an attractive trait
LGD:'and wreck cars.'
SBW: Ok now I'm worried
LGD: 'I'm a redneck and proud of it.'
SBW: Can be a good thing
LGD:'I like milk'
SBW: none of us are perfect
LGD:'and German engineering'
SBW: don't we all, you do know Subaru isn't a german car right?
LGD:'and causing mayhem'
SBW: friday night still sounding good
LGD: 'with my siblings'
SBW: Delete my number from your phone!

Still she did say she was a redneck


Chas S. Clifton said...

Apparently a Japanese car that you do not pay for is better than a German car that you do.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

She did say she like wrecking them, the question is would a german car have lasted a bit longer?