August 01, 2011

Oh, Didn't They Ramble

The mountain lion that walked from South Dakota to Connecticut was not so unusual, say researchers.

The increasing use of GPS collars show that wild animals (chiefly predators in these surveys) cover a lot of ground:
A mountain-lion cub that fell into a north-suburban window well two years ago was hauled by rescuers back to mountains near Estes Park [in northern Colorado]. Then it moved east again, creeping through a dry creek bed to Greeley and onward across Kansas and Oklahoma prairie — sleeping by day in old barns, and eating birds and rodents but no deer, state biologists said. GPS plots show the cat has covered more than 700 miles and is in eastern New Mexico.
(I liked this post's title, but it does have a funereal connotation in some quarters—Louis Armstrong talks you through it here.)

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