May 07, 2007

New Blog on Climate Change

Via Instapundit, I learned of a new blog tracking climate-change issues and arguments: Climate Feedback.

It is one of a group of blogs associated with the journal Nature.

The bloggers are trying to sort out some of the human-caused versus natural-cause arguments, as they do here, critiquing the New York Times for getting it wrong on plant-hardiness zones and what they mean.

Even the venerable New York Times is prone to completely botching a discussion of the science of climate change. In a front page article today, the NYT reports on how the National Arbor Day Foundation has updated plant hardiness maps to reflect recent changes in climate. (A plant hardiness map presents the lowest annual temperature as a guideline to what plants will thrive in what climate zones.) The NYT misrepresents understandings of variability and trend and in the process confuse more than clarify.

This blog will now be in the sidebar blogroll.


Anonymous said...

Actually, it seems the NYT got it right, and Roger Pielke Jr. got it wrong in his critique:

Chas S. Clifton said...

That URL does not work, but you probably meant this one.

It's a lively discussion.