May 19, 2007

The Tyranny of the Second Home

In the New York Times, rich New Yorkers lament the "tyranny" of their second homes.

Perhaps the Denver papers will pick up the theme, writing one sentence thus:

But despite the tyranny of Interstate 70, another nightmare for weekend commuters who don’t have a private jet...

The headaches:

John Van Sickle, a classics professor at Brooklyn College, said that when you own a second property, “you enter into a pact.” Lose sight of that pact, he said, and you suffer. “I’ll wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning and realize I didn’t do some chore,” he said. “I might be in France, but I realized the night-blooming cereus needs watering. We’re supposed to be in Holland on a sabbatical, but first I have to deal with who’s doing the fall clean-up. Somebody has to cut off the stalks of the old perennials, and make sure in their zeal they don’t cut the chestnut saplings down.”

There, don't your house problems seem smaller now?

1 comment:

Steve Bodio said...

This kind of thing makes me want to go Corsican and BURN THEIR HOUSES.

Got more to say but it would be worse.