May 21, 2007

Selling Hunting & Fishing in Colorado

I knew that the Colorado Division of Wildlife was up to something when they not only began running TV commercials but even sponsoring programs on our local National Public Radio station, KRCC from Colorado Springs.

Outdoor/nature writer James Swann explains the campaign.

In the Information Age, the vast majority of people, including most of those who do not hunt or fish, spend over 95 percent of their time indoors, where first-hand contact with nature is limited and information primarily comes in over the media.

In that media-driven reality, the non-sportsmen majority hear and see a constant stream of messages about ecological issues and problems, most recently global warming, coming from a variety of groups that are dependant upon crises, real or imagined, to keep up their flow of funding coming. They also hear a constant patter of negative sound bites generated by animal rights groups.

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