March 29, 2010

Nature Emerges from Hibernation . . . and Catches Fire

Three warm days in a row, and we are watching the big snowbanks shrink.

The flock of evening grosbeaks that hung around for the last month seems to have departed, and I have heard flies buzzing, while M. spotted a mourning cloak butterfly.

According to the weekly county newspaper, one of our neighbors saw a bear out of hibernation two weeks ago, although I bet it went back to bed during the last snowstorm.

So I was shocked, watching a Colorado Springs TV weather forecaster, to see all of the southeastern Colorado counties colored red on her map.

"Not another winter storm warning!" I thought. "Where did that come from?"

Nope, it was a "red flag warning" for prairie and brush fires.

Ah, the changing of the seasons.


Chad Love said...

Same here in NW OKlahoma. Our first red flag fire alert of "spring"... We went from late-winter chill to single-digit humidity, sustained 25-35 winds and temps in the 80s.

Galen Geer said...

Admit it Chas, you've been polishing your fire boots waiting for the snow to melt. Not a big fire mind you, just a little roadside weed fire you guys can quickly snuff out. glg

(Okay, I'm just teasing. :) I know better.)

JayDenver said...

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice...

So we got that goin' for us
which is nice. . .