March 09, 2010

A Slap from the Colorado Legislature

Because Colorado's lawmakers in their wisdom are trying—and failing—to make collect state sales tax, Amazon has cut off all of its Colorado affiliates.

From my perspective, the legislators were willing to sacrifice individual "Amazon affiliates" who happen to live in Colorado (like me). In return, they get nothing except the satisfaction of making some kind of point that will be lost in the general political noise.

I never made big money as an Amazon affiliate. It was about enough to pay my Web-hosting and email account bills for the year. Who knows, I might have spent part of my commission in Colorado and paid Colorado state sales tax.

But no more.

Way to go, wise legislators! (I just had to vent.)


jason said...

Darn. I hadn't even heard about this. I haven't used amazon for a while but it is the only place I've sold books in the past. The other sites like abebooks charges a membership fee. Too bad anyway.

Chas S. Clifton said...

So far, only my Amazon affiliate account was canceled. My separate book seller account is still there. Don't ask me why.