March 04, 2010

Now We Are Six

Tuesday (when M. and I were in Colorado Springs) was Southern Rockies Nature Blog's sixth "blogiversary."

And in tribute to such longevity, here is the first post, which I did not write.

That's right. This started as a class blog for English 325, "Nature Writing in the West," a course that I designed at CSU-Pueblo. (I don't know if it survived my leaving.)

Consequently, many of the earlier postings are by students. And it was hard to get some of the student writers to hyperlink names, terms, etc. in their posts--or even put titles on them!

When the semester ended, I hated to see the blog die, so I kept posting. Later other nature-writing classes also participated.

This is post number 1,358, by the way.


Darrell said...

Thanks for your work. I enjoy your blog a lot. Colo Spgs here, btw.

Holly Heyser said...

Ha! My blog also started because of a class I taught, though my goal was to create a space where I could teach them a little html. It was just so easy to set up that page that I was inspired to start a blog that very day.

I know what you mean about how hard it is to get them to LINK! For kids who live off links, you'd think it'd be second nature.