June 01, 2010

Blog Stew with Dandelions

• Nature 1, Technology 0: Dandelion fluff cripples British locomotives.

• Also from the UK, another dog who finds his way home past many obstacles.

• You can tell when the bloggers at Field & Stream are having a slow week. The comments are interesting, for a change.

• Patrick Burns is tearing into veterinarians for "price-gouging, selling medically unnecessary services, upcoding, and bill-padding."

I hate to say it about the veterinary profession, but he is right--and I fell for one or two of the "unnecessary services" before I wised up.

When one of our old vets sold his large-and-small animal practice to someone who focused more on the "small" side, I began to see that she had taken the seminars on how to increase your billing, right down to sending the sympathy cards a week after putting down your dog.


jason said...

Thanks for the heads up. No more heartworm tests, medicine, etc. I'll do it myself.

Chad Love said...

slow week, indeed...