June 19, 2010

Blog Stew with Water Droplets

• A gardener's myth destroyed: Watering plants in mid-day does not cause water droplets to focus the Sun's rays and burn the leaves.

• At Smart Dogs: how dogs react to perfume. (One word: vetiver.)

•  Field & Stream columnist and hunting writer Tom McIntyre now writes a blog (yes, the technology has reached northern Wyoming). I liked this entry on old, hunter-friendly hotels. Back in its day, the Fairplay Hotel in South Park (Colorado) was one of them.

• Galen Geer is thinking that Amtrak could still be more hunter-friendly too. It's a creature of the federal government, so how come it gets to make such arbitrary rules?


Anonymous said...

I thought it was cool that the dogs loved vetiver. It's one of my favorite scents too.

And RE Amtrak: Seems to me that being a creature of the government and making arbitrary rules are pretty much synonymous these days!

Luisa said...

For what it's worth -- Google Chrome gave me a big ol' warning screen when I tried to visit the McIntyre link. ["The website at mcintyrehunts.com contains elements from the site cloudisthebestnow.com which appears to host malware [...] Just visiting a site that contains malware can infect your computer."]

Chas S. Clifton said...

Luisa, I run Firefox with a couple of protective add-ons, and I have received no warnings on Tom's blog.

But sometimes I do get warnings when commenting on Blogspot blogs that I know are perfectly safe.

Sometimes the software ain't perfect.