June 07, 2010

A Camera Trap in a Forest Fire

Despite the loss of the camera to the bears, I was pleased with my last set of camera-trap photos.

But here is something more amazing: a video camera trap that inadvertently captured a forest fire—the Station Fire last year near Los Angeles—as well as bears and mountain lion.

(I consider mountain lions to be my Holy Grail of camera trapping right now.)

It is just amazing that the camera itself survived. What a testimonial.

Angeles Requiem from Tocho on Vimeo.

(Via Wildfire Today.)



jason said...

Yeah, wow. That video is pretty neat. Not especially fond of the fire being shown as an evil thing come only to destroy but anyhow. I've had a camera in Park county CO since fall and have gotten mostly coyotes and bobcats. It really is a fun thing.

Anonymous said...

Some amazing footage here. Just sad about the damage that the fire did to that area.

Tovar@AMindfulCarnivore said...

Phenomenal. Thanks for sharing.

Darrell said...

The author pulled the video.

Chas S. Clifton said...


Thanks for letting me know.