March 22, 2011

A Backlash against 'Foodies'?

Food writer Michael Pollan interviewed on whether there is a backlash against "slow food" etc.
Michael Pollan: If the industrial food system were working so well, you would not have so many consumers abandoning it in droves. And this is an organized PR campaign to defend industrial agriculture. In America there’s a consortium of various groups that have put together about $30 million to defend industrial Ag. The Farm Bureau is kind of leading the charge in America. The farm Bureau has always fronted for agribusiness.

Ian Brown: I have spoken to people who think the current focus on cooking, and especially high-end TV cooking, has actually alienated us even more from what we eat.

Michael Pollan: It’s interesting that the media would celebrate this shallow foodie-ism [on TV] and then attack the food movement for shallow foodie-ism. But you know how the runs of the media go.
Read the whole thing.

Pollan's website includes a "today's link" page—not exactly a blog. I am adding a link to it in my  "Elsewhere" sidebar.

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