March 08, 2011

Blog Stew at These Prices

• Snarky people like to call Boulder, Colorado, "twenty-five square miles surrounded by reality." So what do you call Aspen? "Disneyland for adults" has been suggested.

• In my corner of Colorado, my rural DNS service got a grade of D, "slower than 72% of US." (Why we do not watch streaming movies—not at download speeds of 1.29 megabytes/second. Hurray for Qwest "Heavy Duty Internet/Broadband Service.")

• You can compare your broadband-connection speed to the rest of the country too.

• On the other hand, our friend the Sun could easily make the whole question irrelevant, destroying online connectivity overnight.

• Corson County, South Dakota, sheriff has more buffalo than people in his county.

• And what's this "singing sheriff" stuff? Custer County's Fred Jobe is "the singing sheriff." Do we need a Singing Sheriff Showdown?

1 comment:

Rebecca Clayton said...

We watch streaming Netflix movies with download speeds of 0.5 Mb per second. Sometimes we wait for a long time to do it, but it doesn't seem like too much of a hardship, perhaps because we don't get TV or radio except over the Internet.

We live in a radio-quiet zone around the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, so also no wireless internet, no cell phone reception, no booster broadcast towers....and the satellite TV services won't sell us local channel service, so they don't seem worth the expense.

All this, within 250 miles of Washington, D.C. You don't have to go far to get away from "it all."