March 06, 2011

Fashionistas and Gearheads

I am returned from camping in the snows of the Gore Range with a manly group of men: military veterans, mountain climbers, entrepreneurs, backcountry skiers, schoolteachers, wildlife researchers, big-game hunters, firefighters.

What did we talk about?

Sure, there was the expected:
"If I use the 100-grain bullet in the .260, will I have ballistic stability on a 1,000-yard shot?"
"Where's the rest of the beer?"
But a lot more of,
"Where did you get that?"
"At a thrift shop!"
"Is it [this specialized fabric] or [that specialized fabric]?
"I wish I had a sewing machine."
"So-and-so has one. He can do bar tacks and everything!"
"I'd love it if it were six inches longer."
"It needs another zipper here."
"I hardly wear any other label."
"I shortened it and put the trim on myself."
"What are you making?
"Did you dehydrate it yourself?"
"What model dehydrator do you use?"
"The lime juice really helps!"
"I think I'm going to gain weight on this trip."

In my best Carrie Bradshaw voice I ask, "If there any line at all between gearheads, fashionistas, and foodies?"


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

they are all symptoms of the same disorder.
This week I'm calling it 'simplicity by gadget' I recognise the symptoms, they are my own.


mdmnm said...

Well, yeah- gearheads and foodies have more interesting stuff.

At least, more interesting to me....