March 17, 2011

The Way to Keep People from 'Owning' Animals . . .

. . . is to kill the animals.
Yes, it’s time for PETA’s annual filing of the statistics from their death factory, as required by Virginia law, which for reasons pretty much passing all understanding thinks it’s a “humane society,” even though they kill virtually every animal who comes in their doors, every year, year after year.

Their 2010 statistics are here (PDF), but to give you an idea, they took in 1,553 cats and killed 1,507 of them, and 792 dogs and killed 693 of them.
 Why do people still take People for the Exterminating of The Animals seriously?

(Hat tip: Heather Houlahan.)


S. Magliocco said...

Thanks for tipping people off to this little-known fact. For PETA, the death of an animal is ethically less objectionable than an "imperfect" life -- for example, life as a feral (community) cat. One of our feral cat volunteers was so influenced by this ethos that she began removing neutered, vaccinated cats from campus feral colonies and taking them to shelters to be euthanazed!
Folks, if you want to get serious about animal welfare, please consider other organizations such as HSUS, ASPCA, and Best Friends Animal Society.

Chas S. Clifton said...

Yes, but I could not recommend the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). They are almost purely a lobbying group.

Your local humane society is separate from HSUS and probably worth supporting.

HSUS, however, would prefer that you remain confused about the difference between local groups and them.

Elli D. said...

I do not understand how is it possible that an organization like PETA still works. Killing defenceless animals just to safe money or why are they doing it. How is it posible that people take them seriously ??