July 29, 2011

Where's My Nomex Poncho?

Double rainbow in the foothills
A fire call in the middle of a thunderstorm—smoke reported somewhere along the county line to the east, where the foothills meet the mesa-and-canyon country. Given my location, I headed directly there, counting on someone else to bring the brush truck, figuring that I could be more use as a scout.

Visions of fighting a wildfire in a rainstorm passed through my head.

At the turnoff from the state highway, a Forest Service engine was parked. They were dispatched too—but had no idea where the alleged fire was. Rain beat down, and lighting crashed so close that we could hear the "click" before the boom.

A firefighter from "Mesa-and-Canyon VFD" pulled up—he and his wife had been eating at a nearby restaurant when he was "toned." (Pagers don't work in our more rugged area, so we use a combination of telephones and a siren to alert the volunteers.)

Various radio and cell-phone communications ensued. Thunder boomed. Rain poured. Our guys at the firehouse, about to roll, said they had been called back by the sheriff's office. Likewise the other department, by their county's dispatcher. Likewise the Forest Service, by whoever dispatched them.

So either it was a false alarm (mist mistaken for smoke—this happens) or else if the rain did not put it out, we will see it again in a day or two. At least there was rain.

After I filled out the incident report, I got to see this double rainbow.


Jen said...

Awesome photo my friend. And I know what you mean about the mist. I become obsessed with watching it until it disperses. Hope you and M are well, miss you. And...can I call you when the smoke rises in Rye?? Jennie

Chas S. Clifton said...

Rye VFD has more cool toys than we do, I think.

jo(e) said...

I love the double rainbow.