December 16, 2011

Blog Stew with Link Dumplings

• Eclipse-chasing in the badlands of New Mexico.
From the Colorado Springs Gazette

• Eleven-year-old boy gains some understanding of the larger world, dresses himself, and rides a bicycle for a mile. His actions gain wide praise in these nanny-state days.

• Some people make fun of mounted deer heads in the living room. Yet they can be useful!

• How to pronounce "Casa Grande," Arizona.

• How to pronounce street names in Colorado Springs. Having also lived in Portland, Oregon, I have to stop and think about "Willamette Street" before I say it.

• Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife seeks photos taken at state parks for a "Best of 2011" contest.

• Pressured by lawsuits, the U.S. Forest Service draws up new rules about dropping fire retardant into waterways.


Darrell said...

Heck, back when I worked at Climax and lived in Leadville, even the local Mexicans down the valley would say "it's a bwayna veesta in Byoona Vista".

Steve Bodio said...

NM pronunciations:


Madrid: "MAD- rid"

Datil: "Dattle"

Truth or Consequences: "T er C"

PJ O'Rourke once posited a NM town called Lost My Hat. We have Sandia (Watermelon), Quemado (Burnt) and Raton (Mouse) and I once invented a fictional one called "Raton Quemado"- why not? Though with the exception of PJ's you at least use normal Spanish pronunciation.