December 13, 2011

Father Christmas in the Wild

You don't think that Santa Claus/Father Christmas just happens, do you? Someone has to find him first.

Want more?

(Via The Suburban Bushwacker.)


Peculiar said...

I inflicted the feature film on Mrs. Peculiar a while ago. Actually pretty enjoyable for a while, and it doesn't run on too long, thank God. Pretty much confirms my impressions of the Finnish national character (see also The Leningrad Cowboys Go America).

Speaking of which, did you catch NPR's Krampus piece?

Chas S. Clifton said...

Ah, the Leningrad Cowboys, giving new meaning to the term "hair band."

Based on a limited sampling going back to when I was in high school, I see the Finnish character as unpretentious, industrious, a little shy -- but with The Archaic a little closer to the surface than it is with most Europeans.

And thanks for the Krampus link.

Peculiar said...

"How do spot a Finnish extrovert?" "He looks at your feet."

Cat Urbigkit said...

I have now wasted over 20 minutes of my life this week. That's right, I watched it three times. It will become an annual Christmas tradition in my household.

Peculiar, I spit up some coffee over that comment.