December 10, 2011

A New Pueblo Deli—and It Has Potica

A few years ago, in a post on Pueblo, Colo., Christmas foods, I mentioned potica.

Someone wrote to me asking where to buy it, and I had say that I did not know. It just turned up in the break room at work the weeks before Christmas. (Yeah, typical guy answer, I know.)

Now I know. You can go to the newly opened Musso's Italian Market and Deli on Union Avenue just south of the Riverwalk. They have three sizes. M. and I picked up one of the medium-sized loaves to take to some friends' home tonight. (Musso's Facebook page.)


James Mac said...

Also, Mauro Farms out on the Mesa. That's where my family gets it when they don't want to spend the necessary full day making a massive batch.

Chas S. Clifton said...

True, but I am just into promoting Union Avenue right now. Coffee, cigars, Hopscotch Bakery, and two hair salons on every block, right?

Darrell said...

Mauro Farms has a website, too: