February 17, 2012

Going Feral in Utah

Another lone (?) "mountain man" on the loose.
But the man authorities say is armed and dangerous and responsible for more than two dozen burglaries has continued to outrun the law across a swath of mountains not far from Zion National Park. He's roamed across 1,000 square miles of rugged wilderness where snow can pile 10 feet deep in winter.

And while there have been no violent confrontations, detectives say he's a time bomb. Lately he has been leaving the cabins in disarray and riddled with bullets after defacing religious icons, and a recent note left behind in one cabin warned, "Get off my mountain."
There is a possible Mormon polygamist angle too. Of course.

UPDATE, Feb. 22, 2012: The authorities think that his name is Troy James Knapp, 44, who did time in prison and then disappeared.

1 comment:

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Does he have a snappy name/T shirt on Cafepress yet?

There's something in our psychic that these guys are potent symbols of, some last feral part of us.

Obviously pretty crap if he breaks into your place though.