February 25, 2012

New License Plate Would Help Fishing, Shooting Sports

I have read that Colorado has the largest number of specialty license plates of any state in the union. So let's have one more.

A bill in the legislature introduced by Rep. Sal Pace (D-Pueblo) and Sen. Jean White (R-Steamboat Springs) would create a "Wildlife Sporting License Plate."

The initial cost of the plate will be $60: $25 to cover DMV fees, $25 to the Highway Users Tax Fund and $10 to Colorado Parks and Wildllife. After that, a $25 renewal fee would be paid to CPW,  in addition to the standard DMV license fees. The money goes directly to the wildlife cash fund. CPW is directed to use the money to fund grants for two purposes; expanding opportunities for public shooting, and improving fishing in Colorado.

You can sign an online petition in favor of the new license plate.

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