February 01, 2012

Landowners Can Earn Extra Cash from Hunting

News release from Colorado Parks and Wildlife:

LAMAR, Colo. - Landowners in southeastern Colorado who open their property to hunters can earn extra cash by enrolling in Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Big Game Access Program (BGAP) for the 2012 hunting seasons.

This year marks the sixth year the program known as BGAP will open up public access for deer and pronghorn hunting on private lands in the following Game Management Units: 116, 117, 120, 121, 122, 125, 126, and 127.  In previous years, up to 140,000 acres were enrolled.

"The Wildlife Commission has funded the program again for 2012 to pay landowners who allow big game hunting access to their property," said Lamar Area Wildlife Manager Travis Black.  "As the program progresses, we are continuing to review landowner interest, sportsmen's satisfaction, harvest statistics and financial viability."

Eligible types of land include river bottom or riparian land with a focus on deer, and upland grass or prairie habitat for pronghorn.  Landowners who meet the requirements of this program will receive payment for allowing hunters onto their land. 

Landowner payments range from 25 cents per acre up to a maximum of $3 per acre depending on the size of the property, type of the habitat and number of days access is allowed.

Participation is by application only. Applications are due by February 25, 2012.   Properties enrolled in previous years must re-apply to participate again in 2012. 

Due to budget limitations, not all properties are accepted.  CPW employees rate properties according to habitat quality and the number of pronghorn and deer that use the habitat. 

Access to land enrolled in BGAP is by walk-in only.  Hunters must have a valid hunting license plus buy a $40 BGAP permit to gain access to enrolled properties.  Hunters can purchase BGAP permits at any license agent or Colorado Parks and Wildlife office. 

The BGAP access stamp allows access to hunt to pronghorn and deer only.  Small game hunting is not allowed unless the hunter gets special permission from the landowner.

Properties enrolled in BGAP are posted with "Walk-in Access" signs.  Landowners' names, addresses and telephone numbers are kept confidential.  

Information about ranch locations, maps and GMUs can be found on the Big Game Access Program page on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.  Landowner applications can be downloaded from the same site.

For more information, or to obtain an application to enroll your land, please contact the Colorado Parks and Wildlife office in Lamar at 719-336-6600.  Address written correspondence to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, c/o BGAP, 2500 South Main St., Lamar, CO 81052.
  Visit this site for more information.

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