January 09, 2009

Another Sleazy Trick by PETA

Patrick "Terrierman" Burns has long been chronicling how the blindness of kennel clubs and breed clubs to basic genetics is producing thousands of sick, deformed pedigreed dogs.

Now he links to an article in which the makers of an exposé documentary, Pedigreed Dogs Exposed, are furious with PETA (which kills dogs) for trying to jump on their coatails.

Pedigree Dogs Exposed was the result of two years’ careful research. The film highlighted serious health and welfare concerns in pedigree dogs that many experts agree need to be addressed urgently. However, the filmmakers have no connection to PETA and are idealogically opposed to PETA’s aims.

“I am horrified that PETA is using the film to further its own, warped agenda,” says Jemima Harrison, of Passionate Productions, which made the film for the BBC. “Our film is about animal welfare, not animal rights.

“PETA’s animal welfare record is appalling. It kills 97 per cent of the dogs that come to its shelters and admits its ultimate aim is to rid the world of what it calls the “domestic enslavement” of dogs as either pets or working dogs.

On the issue of pedigreed silliness, read more fisking of gun-dog breed histories here by Craig Koshyk.


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Sleazy has an a, not two e's

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