January 30, 2009

Siskin Slackers

Back from the Pueblo PetsMart store, where I spent $30 on black-oil sunflower seeds and $35 on Niger thistle seeds. Add sales tax and you have $70 ... on worthless, layabout birds.

I think that I am feeding every pine siskin in the northeast corner of the county named for the famous cavalry tactician.

Ought to be a tax-deductible charitable contribution, don't you think?

I have read that the original purpose of feeding wild birds near the house was to lure them in for the purpose of turning them into pies. If I were a Sicilian, junco-and-siskin pie would be on the menu.

(grumble grumble)


Anonymous said...

If you have all the pine siskins, I have all the dark-faced juncos. I get my wild bird feed in 25 lb. bags from the feed store. Those little dudes are getting fat.

Steve Bodio said...

As my grandmother (not Sicilian but Italian) used to say "makes a nice-a sauce"...