January 03, 2009

Blog Stew with Honey

¶ Another reason to buy local honey -- you probably won't get the contaminated Chinese version.

¶ A Minnesota teacher uses camera-trapping to interest tech-minded kids in wildlife.

¶ Your tax dollars at work: Cool snow-pack animations (Lower 48) from the National Weather Service's National Snow Analyses site, "The ultimate source for snow information."

A mangled (green) metaphor and other mistakes from Oprah magazine.


Peculiar said...

I use the NWS Interactive Maps feature all the time, but I hadn't noticed the animations. Cool!

Beverly said...

Madhava Moutain Gold Wildflower Honey............YUMMMMMMMMMMM!

It's from Lyons, CO, you can find it at www.madhavahoney.com/ by clicking Mtn. Gold.

Happy New Year Chas, to you and yours!!!

Chas S. Clifton said...

M. and I started buying honey from a beekeeper in Penrose who shows up at the Florence farmers' market during the summer months.

Here is a partial list of Colorado suppliers. Small producers will not show up, I suspect.