February 02, 2010

Cheap Gear: Swedish Army Parka M90

I was looking for a new cold-weather chore coat. It had to be inexpensive, fairly warm, washable, and not so precious that I would be sad if it were, for instance, torn by a branch, barbed wire, or the buck saw.

Obviously the place to look is the wide, wonderful world of military surplus.

My choice was a new  ex-Swedish army parka with a long list of features, which cost $40. (Used ones cost less.) To Swedes it's the Värmejacka M90.

It's not as warm as my down-filled parka, but at 20° F. I don't even zip it up all the way. And I like that it is long enough to come down past mid-thigh, blocking butt-freezing winds.

Of course it had that military warehouse smell, even after washing, but that will gradually dissipate with wearing and airing.

I don't like hoods except in the coldest weather, and this parka's insulated hood can be rolled and strapped to make a sort of puffy collar.

The Swedish army thinks soldiers don't need inside breast pockets. Oh well.

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The Suburban Bushwacker said...

'that military warehouse smell'

Ahh happy days!