February 06, 2010

Research Note: Bibliophagy in the Chesapeake

Sailor, J., and L. Canton. 2010. Bibliophagy in the young adult Chesapeake Bay retriever. Journal of Bird-dog Behavior. 48: 59-60.


Subject, a 2-year-old  Chesapeake Bay retriever, spent much time in a room with floor-to-ceiling bookcases.  He was observed to withdraw one of the older volumes present (Barrington, Sir John. Sketches of his own time. 1880. Chicago: Belford, Clarke & Co.) and gnaw the spine.

We hypothesize that nineteenth-century bindings contain animal-based glues, thus attracting the bibliophage. Further research is required. Correlative counter-surfing behavior also appears to be related.

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mdmnm said...

Man-oh-man! Well, at least he has good taste.