February 06, 2010

Who is Calling in the San Juans?

Snow has been falling heavily in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado. Bigfoot (Bigfeet? Bigfoots?) must be hibernating.

In the summer and fall, however, their haunting calls are heard.

OK, smart guy, what is it?


Peculiar said...

Curious. I must say, I would not be happy to hear that on a backpacking trip. 14ers.com has had a similarly curious thread recently about strange noises in the Lost Creek Wilderness. That guy's description sounds different, though, and the thread degenerates in due course.

Colorado seems to be getting it's share of weird stories from the woods this winter.

Kirk said...

I have heard coyotes in Maine sounding just like this.And that was right outside my house,(I could watch them in the moonlight).
Studies on coyotes here in the northeast have been showing that our coyotes have been breeding with wolves. And indeed they are bigger compared to the ones I've seen out west, and the sounds these guys have are really uncoyote like.

Chas S. Clifton said...

Don't know about the Eastern coyotes, coy-wolves, or whatever they are, but this purported Bigfoot sound sounds a lot to me like a black bear cub bawling for its mother. They can be real loud.