February 06, 2010

More Outdoor Writing Going Online?

The Suburban Bushwhacker, who unlike most people who complain about outdoor writing is not an outdoor writer himself, writes a long post on up-and-coming online magazine as well as veterans like Field & Stream.

The last two issues have been a partial return to form, Bill Heavy's piece about spending time with the Alaskan trapper was fantastic--the kind of long-form journalism that belongs on a page not a screen, the kind that prompted me to take the copy round to The Northern Monkey's boat and tell him to read it. Great moments, sadly looking all the greater as they are set against some of the most pointless shit yet published. Sorry, chaps but it's true, that '50 states of the great outdoors' or what ever it was called was rubbish and obviously rubbish culled from the internet by an intern. Cheap to produce, would have worked on a blog, but not good enough for F&S.

I'll be following some of his links.


The Suburban Bushwacker said...


thanks for the mention.

'is not an outdoor writer himself' LOL my son was telling his teacher this only the other day 'he talks about it but really he just sits on the sofa with his laptop' LOL


Chas S. Clifton said...

By "outdoor writer," I meant one who makes all or part of his living from writing about it.

I myself used to be one, but even though I blog, I no longer consider myself to be. I would not meet the full membership criteria for either the Outdoor Writers Assn. of America or its rival, Professional Outdoor Media Assn.